Obtaining an Investor Visa

A Treaty Investor Visa is available to those investors who invest more than a marginal amount into American businesses, generally around $100,000. However, no matter how long you may be qualified to stay in America, renewing every two years, this status will never upgrade into a residence. For that, you need the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa. However, even though an Immigrant Investor Visa requires a larger proof of value as a resident, it can still be denied. Only about 10,000 such visas are available per year and requirements are steep to guard against fraud. An Investor Visa that opens up permanent residence is available to those who create or acquire a business worth $1,000,000, or invest $500,000 in a Targeted Employed Area. It is important to understand what sort of safe investments allow you to obtain an Investor visa and how to quickly process a controlling interest of a business. An immigration attorney like Chung, Malhas & Mantel LLC, can help business partners manage their overseas operations. You can find out more about this through their website at http://www.cmmrlawfirm.com/eb-5-investment-immigration-attorney-seattle/.

What are the Advantages of the EB-5 Investor Visa?

Being able to live and work in the United States for an extended period simplifies things. You no longer need to bother with renewing your residency permits when they expire. More importantly, it will also give your family and children green cards if they accompany you into your new place of business. It allows you to transfer employees more easily. Management and skilled workers automatically qualify for the L1A/L1B intracompany transfer visa. L-2 visas become available for their spouses and children as well. And of course, you reap the benefits of your investment in the world’s most powerful economy. Obligations for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa The EB-5 Visa allows immigrant investors to invest in an existing business instead of trying to create or manage a new one. The State government reduces the necessary investment to 500,000 if you create a new enterprise and create jobs in a non-urban region or area of high unemployment. You can also gain EB-5 visa by acquiring a business that is operating at a loss and improve its number of employees or net worth by 40%. You will receive conditional permanent residency, renewable every two years. There must be proof of the validity of your funding source. You are required to create American jobs, or employ fulltime at least 10 qualified workers for two years. You also need to reside in the United States for the duration of your Investor Visa. If after this span of time you can prove you retained the investment, you will gain permanent residency status.

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