Preparing for Criminal Defense in Theft

Police describes theft as crime of opportunity and they are severally prosecuted in Seattle. If you are accuse of theft, you require proper guidance and qualified attorney that defends your rights. However, you must know how to prepare for it.

Biggest term for you would be version. You as defendant and your counsel must prepare your version of event. While preparing your version, you must be honest to your counsel. Help him to point the evidences for your version of events. Once you have provided your version, your counsel will be well equipped to prepare for the counterargument. There are three categories of version, complete denial, admission and explanation, and confession. Help your counsel to understand you status in your case.

Proper representation is important in case criminal defense, as in most cases the court could come hard on accused. In Seattle, WA, Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC are well experienced in offering services in cases of theft or other criminal defense cases.